COVID related documents

4th May 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you will have seen in the local press, cases in schools have increased slightly over the last two weeks which has unfortunately led to a number of school bubbles having to self-isolate and one school close.  This is something that is also being experienced nationally, not just in Suffolk.

Whilst we know that we, like all schools, are doing everything we can to prevent infection within our school, there is evidence of household transmission as the easing of social restrictions continue and this is impacting a number of schools, particularly as cases can be asymptomatic and do not know they carry the virus.

As we move towards the further lifting of restrictions, and the next half term holiday, we want to remind you of the importance of reporting positive cases in your family to the school.  When schools report cases it allows community engagement and testing resources to be directed to those areas as appropriate and for us to liaise with Public Health colleagues to understand more about the virus and how we can continue to prevent its spread. 
The latest flowcharts that includes CYP contact details are attached.  
The key message is that if there is a positive case within a household, and siblings are identified as close contacts, please could parents and carers notify the school  and other educational settings that the siblings attend.  This allows all settings to be alerted to the potential of infection within their own setting. 


Here at Forest, we have been very fortunate and have not needed to close many bubbles but we all need to be vigilant to prevent this happening.



Mrs Grimes