EYFS Curriculum - from Sept' 2020

Spring 1st 2021 News Update

This term has been an ‘out of this world’ adventure, with the children becoming astronauts, star catchers and star detectives.  Considering the difficulties, the children have faced in light of Covid19, they have adapted and adjusted really well in school and at home, where we have seen some super learning.  The children continue to show such resilience in these difficult times and we are ‘star dazzlingly’ proud of them!

 The children started the term, by blasting off to space in their very own cardboard vehicles, designed and created by them.  They had lots of fun recreating their own version of our story ‘Whatever next’ and learnt lots of songs to help them explore outer space.  They designed their own planets and made their own moon using whatever materials they had available at home and in school, we used shaving foam to make a textured moon.   The children had fun catching and decorating their own stars, making their own salt dough star or at home lots of the children made their very own star cookies and some even made the planets too.  They have learnt dances and songs and facts about outer space and have had some great outdoor learning experiences, where they designed and made rockets, stars and houses for their stars, all out of natural resources.  These opportunities were a great chance for the children to get outside and get some well needed fresh air, especially for those working hard at home.  As part of our SMSC we had a Spiritual day and the children explored our beautiful world and spent time outside, immersing themselves in the natural environment, and then painted pictures of what they found beautiful

We’ve read some lovely books this term with an ‘Outer Space’ theme including; ‘Whatever Next’, ‘How to Catch a Star’ and ‘You Choose in Space’.  We also looked at some brilliant non-fiction texts. The children retold the stories using story maps and actions and have innovated their stories using their own imagination. The children looked at different planets and stars and explored the similarities and differences in these.

In Maths the children have been consolidating their knowledge of numbers 1-5 and have started exploring numbers 6-10. We worked on combining two groups, more and less than, odd and even numbers and we also looked at comparing numbers, the composition of numbers and representing these numbers using manipulatives.  We have seen some ‘marvellous maths’ at home too, with some great innovative ideas of how to make maths fun.

Fun Phonics continues to be a huge focus for us! We have been consolidating our Phase 2 and 3 sounds and are working hard on blending these together. The children have taken part in some great activities to support this including; using our on-line games, going on word hunts, writing with different materials including chalk and water and playing physical games.  We have launched our new super ‘Big Cat E-books’ with books linked to the 4 sounds we learn each week.  This is a great opportunity to help consolidate the children’s learning and a chance to practise and apply their knowledge.  It also provides a great resource for the children learning from home too.


Next term we will be launching our new exciting topic, ‘Going on a Journey.’ We can’t wait to explore different modes of transport (making and building our own) and looking at different places to go.  We will be making boats during science week and exploring the properties we need to consider.  We will also be hopping into Easter and exploring how different people celebrate and making our very own Easter cards and craft!

What are we learning about this half term?

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