EYFS Curriculum - from Sept' 2020

Summer 1st 2022 

Summer has begun….

Reception children have really enjoyed taking some of their learning outside this half term. They have especially liked using the garden for some gross motor skills. The children have completed some amazing obstacle courses and used the scooters. They continue to make us proud!


This half term, we have been focusing on the topic 'Kingdoms and Castles’ through the stories 'The Queen’s Hat’ and 'The Queen's Handbag'. The children have impressed us with their remarkable labelling and super sentence writing. They took this within their stride and were tough tortoises and never gave up. Next half term we will continue to focus on sentence writing and extending their sentences.


The children have particularly loved learning about numbers beyond 10 and up to 20 this half term through the song '20 Tadpoles’. They have enjoyed acting these out as a class but also using these songs to encourage their mathematical thinking. The children have been looking at doubles and number comparisons through these songs. 


Through our busy learning the children have been learning new skills, including ball skills in P.E. The children also planted their own cress seeds this half term and have had so much fun along the way watching it grow. The children's geography skills have excelled this half term as they learnt lots of new landmarks within London and around the United Kingdom. 

We are extremely proud of all our hardworking, resilient Reception children and cannot wait to continue our learning next half term. 

What are we learning about this half term?