KS 1 Curriculum - From Sept' 2020

Spring 2nd 2021 News Update


It’s been wonderful having all of the children back this term, they have all done a magnificent job at settling back into school life! In Key Stage One we have been learning all about transport in our ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ topic. In Year 1 we have enjoyed writing stories about magical adventures, inspired by John Burningham’s ‘Magic Bed’ story. They have also had fun writing some nonsense poems about a bizarre journey to Brandon on a rickety train. The year 2 children have been reading the story ‘Grey Island, Red Boat’ where they have been creating their own red boats and exploring the characters of the story. We have also joined in with the school’s Shakespeare week where the children have begun to learn the story of ‘Macbeth’ and ‘A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream’.


We’ve also had some rather exciting phonics lessons where the children have met Pete the Pirate, Caveman Dave, Monty the Mole, amongst many other of their favourite characters. The Phonics Fairy was so impressed by the children’s hard work in phonics that she sent them some very special stickers and has shared their amazing learning with a variety of different authors. Steve Smallman, who is the author of ‘Monty the Hero’, has even created the children a very special personalised print of Monty the Mole doing some karaoke! What a wonderful thing to happen for the children!


History this term has been all about the evolution of transport and the children have travelled back in time to explore the first ever successful flight by the Wright Brothers. We’ve also looked at our local transport and the significance of the introduction of Brandon railway station. The children have been fascinated by how Brandon railway station has changed over the last one hundred years.


We’ve also celebrated Science Week this term where the children learnt about some famous scientists. The Year 1 children found out all about Katherine Johnson and her important role in sending people to the moon safely. The Year 2 children learnt about the marvellous astronomer Caroline Herschel and created fact files using their research about her.


This term the children have been getting arty and have been printing using the wheels of toy cars inspired by Jackson Pollock. For our Amazing Artist day the children learnt all about the English artist, John Constable and recreated some landscape paintings.


Our next topic is ‘Toys’ where the children will be learning all about different toys and games from the past and the present. We can’t wait for the sun to be out and our new, exciting topic to begin!


What are we learning about this half term?

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