KS 1 Curriculum - From Sept' 2020

Autumn 1st 2021 News Update

We’ve got off to a flying start here in Key Stage One and it has been wonderful to see the children settle into their new classes and routines so well. This term our focus has been ‘All About Me’ where we have been celebrating what makes us unique. We started this term with the book ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ with the focus being on the environment. The children learnt about the impact of littering and how we are all responsible for our environment. The children also enjoyed reading ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes in year 1, where the children connected with their inner wild sides in the forest through making shelters, creating tools and creating forest art. In year 2, the children enjoyed the story, ‘The Odd Egg’ and have produced some wonderful pieces of creative writing.

We celebrated National Poetry Day this term where the children wrote poems inspired by their dream day. We also had a dream day lunch and created some fabulous illustrations for our poems. In October we were extremely lucky as we had a special visit from the poet, James Carter. The children found him hilarious and enjoyed listening to some of his most well-known poems.

In Geography this term we have had fun with fieldwork on our school grounds. The children went around the school and reflected on how different areas of the school made them feel. They used a map of the school grounds to colour in their favourite and least favourite areas and reflected on what influenced their decisions.

Science has been all about our senses this term. We have been performing a number of experiments, including a sound, taste and smell test, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We have also been learning the names of our body parts and matching our different senses to the body parts.

Next term we'll be starting our Pole to Pole topic! It’s very exciting as we will be starting off the topic with a visit from an Arctic Explorer!

What are we learning about this half term?
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