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Spring 2nd 2021 News Update
How magnificent to welcome all the children back into School this half term and what a busy and amazingly fun time we have had - the children in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed completing their learning on the topic of 'Out of this World' in which they have read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Year Five and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Year Six. The children have all been able to have time completing their Lexia reading and we enjoyed using the many new non-fiction books we have in School. We celebrated World Book day - lots of children dressed up  as their favourite characters and we created our reading rivers. Some of the children also added their reading recommendations to our School's Padlet on reading books (which can be found on the website.)
During the last week of this half term we participated in a School Wide Shakespeare week. It was so much fun. Year 5 focused on Hamlet - they made 3D models of the Globe theatre and created an information book about Shakespeare using Book Creator, meanwhile, the Year 6 children focused on Romeo and Juliet - undertaking a drama session on freeze frames to retell the story and made some amazing board games themed on the story. The children in Year 6 also looked at Shakespeare's prologue and wrote their own. 
In Maths we have enjoyed practising our multiplication using Monster Multiplication and have been learning about fractions, area and perimeter and using our skills for reasoning and problem solving. 
We have focused on our fitness - completing the daily mile, enjoying Boogie Bounce sessions on our new set of 30 trampolines and participating in the Forest Heath Dance Festival - where Miss Tandi led a dance to the song Footloose. The children loved it and many parents reported that their children then shared the dance routine learnt with them at home. 
Mother's day was also celebrated this half term and the children put their creativity to good use creating beautiful Mother's day cards and who can forget our Amazing Artist day this half term - with a focus on Constable! Year 5 had fun learning to use Oil paints to create realistic sky - which Constable is most famous for and using QR codes to research his work, whilst Year 6 focused on using acrylic paint to recreate the layering effect he uses when he depicted Oak Trees. We were so proud of what the children managed to create, they were beautiful. 
The first week back coincided with Science Week -which we filled with numerous interesting investigations and sessions. The children in Year 5 and 6 learnt about the Double Helix Structure of DNA, extracted DNA from a Strawberry, made their own origami Coronavirus and joined in with a webinar learning about the virus. The children went on a bug hunt in our Forest School site and used magnifiers to then draw close observational drawings and food chains for the minibeasts they have discovered. They zoomed into a STEM session on Space too, which was very interesting. 
We look forward to our next topic on Africa, in which the children will be learning about Aparheid and Nelson Mandela. Their Easter Holiday home learning of creating a Ndebele house, we are so looking forward to seeing. 
We wish you all a happy and safe Easter - from UKS2.
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