UKS2 Curriculum - From Sept' 2020

Autumn 1st 2021 News Update
We have had a fantastic start to our Year with many exciting learning opportunities. In Year 5 and 6 we have been learning about the Greeks. On our Ancient Greek immersion day back in September - we looked at the Story of Hercules and his labours. The children loved learning about this and used this story as inspiration for a design on a Greek Vase - which they made from clay. 
We have been reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in Year 5 and Year 6 have been reading Who let the Gods out. These stories have furthered our understanding of the Greek Gods and Year 5 wrote some amazing non-chronological reports about a God they liked best. Year 6 have been undertaking some English learning online with Pie Corbett - using their Chrome books. They have thrived in this opportunity. 
In Maths the children have all been looking at Place Value and the four methods of addition, subtractions, multiplication and division using concrete resources and pictorial representations. 
In our Science learning, the children have been very busy undertaking lots of investigations about materials. They investigated the hardness of different materials, the transparency, whether it was magnetic or not and thought about the many properties of materials and why certain materials are chosen for specific purposes. 
In our Topic learning, we have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks. We have looked at the difference between the Spartans and Athenians and looked at all the beautiful buildings which remain today, from Ancient Greek times. We have also looked at the importance of tourism to Greece in the modern world. 
Year 5 have had their first Clarinet lessons, thanks to Suffolk County Music service, and have loved learning how to play G,E and F so far. 
We have been busy in our Forest School sessions too, the children made their own bubble wands with twine, identified the trees we have in the Forest School Site and used the bark for artistic drawings of dragons. It is certainly a time all the children enjoy. 
We have been fortunate to have a visit from a Theatre Company - who performed Treasure Island and who can forget our amazing visit to the Royal Opera House in London - to watch the Opera The Magic Flute. 
On Poetry day, the children wrote their own poems and recorded their performances too - do consult our Facebook pages for photographs and videos of this! 
Henri Matisse was our featured artist this half term - for our Artist Day. The children looked at his pieces, form and style of 'painting with scissors' and used his technique when designing their own Ancient Greek inspired piece. They were fabulous. Do take a look at the photographs on this page. 
Next half term we look forward to our next topic "Who do you think you are?" in which we will be thinking about our identities - we will also have all our exciting Christmas activities too. 
What are we learning about this half term?
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