UKS2 Curriculum - From Sept' 2020

Summer 1st 2022 News Update
It has been a very busy and exciting term in Upper Key Stage Two. Of course our wonderful Year 6 children have all now completed their SATs examinations - they acted with such maturity and determination during the week. We were so proud of them. They enjoyed a party in the Forest, some cookery and a visit to our local bowling alley as a reward for their dedication to learning. 
We have begun our Victorian Topic. The Year 5 children really enjoyed their visit to Gressenhall where they were immersed in the Victorian way of life. They investigated the differing jobs around the workhouse, made drop scones, picked stones from the field and helped the maid with the washing. The children had fantastic Victorian themed picnics for lunch and we all enjoyed our Victorian School lesson. It was a fantastic way to begin the term. 
Year 5 have also begun their online Teaching Live Literacy lessons - as led by Pi Corbett himself. We were honoured when some of our poetry recordings were played during the live podcast. 
Year 6 have been busy reading Street Child which has enhanced their understanding of our Victorian topic, their diary entries and biographies filled with Victorian history were well written. 
30 Children from Year 5 and 6 participated in the Young Voices concert at the 02 in May - which was a completely fantastic experience for all involved. The children had 10 songs to sing and were inspired by the artists who also performed. It certainly was a Golden Opportunity. 
In Maths the children have been focusing on Shape and Measures, practising using the protractor and investigating angle measures. It has been a great chance to be practical and fun. Our Forest School sessions have been enjoyable - the children have made leaf crowns and toasted marshmallows over the fire - delicious. 
This term we have had many grand celebrations to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Each child participated in the Royal Races, in which we rode our trusty steeds (homemade hobby horses) in a series of races from steeplechase to our unique Handbags and Gladrags event. The children all enjoyed a special week of learning about the Jubilee, we sang the National Anthem, enjoyed a royal inspired work-shop, ate a delicious Street Party Lunch all together on the playground and each class sang at our Jubilee Concert. Many children from Years 5 and 6 were also awarded our Jubilee Outstanding Citizenship awards for their work in the community. 
Next half term we continue to learn about the Victorians and are looking forward to the Year 5 Sharing Assembly and Year 6 Leavers Assembly and all the celebrations this brings. 
What are we learning about this half term?
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