EYFS Update

Poles Apart – Autumn 2

This half term we have been learning all about the North and South Pole. We learnt the stories Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Can You Hear? and Penguins Big Adventure. Ash and Beech class also learnt what a non-fiction book is and made their own miniature version of a non-fiction book. In Maths, the children have been focusing on money, addition and subtraction.



The classes have both done some very exciting activities; this included Northern light ice balls and food coloring. This involved watching a video clip of what the Northern lights look like and why they happen. The children then used large ice balls, added salt and food coloring and observed what they saw happening. Whilst learning the story of Penguins Big Adventure, the children had a visitor in the classroom. At first we were unsure who it was, but once we had looked at the footprints, we discovered that it was a penguin all the way from the North Pole.


During Maths when the children were focusing on money, we set up role play shops for each group. The children took it in turns to buy something in the shop and be the cashier. The children used coins to pay and looked carefully at the price labels. The children then moved on to addition and subtraction. They were able to use sugar cubes as ice blocks to represent numbers to help complete the sums and facts.


Next half term our topic will be ‘Out of this world’, we will be looking at the stories, ‘Whatever, Next’, and ‘How to catch a star.’ We might also experience an alien encounter.