EYFS Update


Autumn 2nd

This term has been an amazing one considering the difficulties the children have faced in light of Covid19. They have adapted and adjusted really well and we are super proud of them all! The children have had fun decorating their classrooms, creating Christmas cards, calendars, snow globes and their very own snowflakes! We were also incredibly lucky to have some snow on our Christmas jumper day!


This term the children have enjoyed our Frozen World topic. We have continued to enjoy Zoom meetings from the farmer from Autumn 1. The children have created some wonderful pieces of ice themed work; this includes the Northern Lights, snowflakes, arctic animal paintings and penguins!


We’ve read some lovely books this term with a Frozen World theme including, Penguins Big Adventure, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? We also looked at some brilliant non-fiction texts. The children retold the stories using story maps and actions and have innovated their stories using their own imagination. The children looked at different habitats and explored the similarities and differences in these.

In Maths the children have been consolidating their knowledge of numbers 1-5. We looked at comparing numbers, the composition of numbers and representing these numbers using manipulatives. We also have explored repeating patterns and shape.


Phonics continues to be a huge focus for us! We have now learnt our Phase 2 and 3 sounds and are working hard on blending these together. The children have taken part in some wonderful activities to support this including writing with mud, painting their hands and digging for sounds.


Next term we will be launching our new topic, Out of this World! We can’t wait to explore Space and have a go at making our own planets and building our own transport to Space!!

Spring Term  - Out of this World and Going on a Journey

This half term we have been learning all about ‘Out of this World’ and ‘Going on a journey.’ We learnt the stories Whatever Next and How to catch a star as well as Six Dinner Sid. The children made their story maps and also innovated the stories.  The children also participated in National Science Week where we did some amazing experiments. The children took part in Safer Internet Day and we had a wonderful visit from Miraker puppets too. In Maths, the children have been focusing on number bonds to five and ten using the part-whole method. They also looked at comparing groups.

The classes have both done some very exciting activities; this included making a volcano in forest and creating a walking rainbow during science week. The children predicted, observed and then recorded their results from each experiment. Whilst learning the story of Six Dinner Sid the children had a visitor in the classroom. At first we were unsure who it was, but once we had looked at the items that were left; we discovered that it was Sid all the way from Artistotle Street.

During Maths when the children were focusing on number bonds to five and ten, we created large part-whole methods on the playground with chalk outside. We also did some fun activities in the forest using bean bags and hoops. The children then moved on to addition and subtraction. They were able to use different objects such as pebble stones and hoops, as well as five and ten frames to help support their learning.

Next half term our topic will be ‘Kingdoms and Castles, we will be looking at the stories, ‘The Queen’s Hat, and ‘The Queen’s Handbag.’