LKS2 Update

Autumn 2nd

Lower Key Stage have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rainforest. They learnt about the different layers and the animals that lived there. This was linked to their learning in Science about habitats and learning to classify animals and plants according to their different characteristics e.g. whether they could fly; whether they were a mammal or not. We regularly use our Forest School site. We could then compare the types of trees that grow in our local area, to those in the rainforest. We could also compare the animals that live there.


Year 3 became ‘The Class who Grew Dragons’ and were very excited to receive a tweet from Andy Shepherd (author of ‘The Boy who Grew Dragons’), warning us that we should be wearing oven gloves and have a water pistol to hand for when our eggs hatched. Our very own mythical creatures were born and we needed to nurture them, making sure they had the right nutrients to grow healthily and a safe, warm place to live. Year 4 enjoyed reading ‘The Wild Robot.’


Boogie Bounce was a firm favourite this half term! This was a great way to exercise and look after both our physical and mental well-being.


Amazing Artist Day focused on the life and work of Paul Cezanne. We worked hard to create our own masterpieces, inspired by nature.


Next, we are really looking forward to learning about the Vikings and whether they deserve the name ‘Vicious Vikings.’ We will be learning to sew, using cross stitch to design our own shields inspired by those depicted in the Bayeaux Tapestry. We have some great books lined up too! Year 3 will be reading ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ and Year 4 will be reading ‘Riddle of the Runes.’


Autmn 1st

This term, our topic has been Asia. In our topic lessons we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty, an ancient civilization who around alongside the Egyptians. Our Science lessons focussed on light. We launched the topic way back in January with an Immersion Day involving plate decorating, dragon dancing and reading the story ‘The Great Race’ which is all about how the animals of the Chinese zodiac were decided.

As a key stage we have been reading ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children have all enjoyed this imaginative adventure story and have used it to inspire their own writing, including narratives, persuasive texts and play scripts. We also had a great World Book Day, reading books like ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward.

In Computing, year 3 have been exploring branching databases, learning how to use a computer programme to categorise and sort information. Year 4 have had an introduction to spreadsheets through the programme 2Calculate, inputting data and using formulae to calculate with it. Year 3 were also lucky enough to visit Adastral Park to develop their computational thinking through coding.

This term, Miss Rate has continued to led our outdoor learning sessions in the forest area. We have enjoyed weekly sessions exploring the environment, including preparations for a mud kitchen.

We also all took part in Race for Life Schools, helping the school raise a great sum of money for Cancer Research UK.

This half term, all children have been working really hard to put on a production of Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood. The songs were fantastic and there were some brilliant acting performances. Hopefully you will have seen videos of these performances on Facebook as, due to government health guidelines, the shows were unfortunately cancelled.

Next half term our topic is Italy. In our topic lessons, we will be learning about the Romans. Our Science focus will be sound. Obviously in these uncertain times, we are not 100% sure when we will get to see our lovely students again, however will be continue to deliver the best learning we can through alternative means. Remember you can still access all our usual learning aids at home: Mathletics, Lexia, Accelerated Reader, MyMath, Mathsframe and Purple Mash.