UKS2 Update

Autumn 2nd

It has been another busy and exciting term in UPKS2. We have so enjoyed our topic on WWI.


The children created some magnificent ceramic poppies for Remembrance day, which have been installed in the playground - around the Outdoor Classroom. They were inspired by Paul Cummings' art installation at the Tower of London, "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" The children learnt how to cross hatch to fuse together the clay for the poppy leaves and painted them with acrylic paint.


In Literacy the children first looked at the poems written about World War One - Year 6 looked in detail at Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen and then used this as inspiration for their poems about WWI.


This half term, our Core Texts had an 'Author' focus: Michael Morpurgo. Year 6 enjoyed reading Private Peaceful and used this as inspiration for their writing tasks, whilst Year 5 read War Horse. What amazing books to read, with historical elements to help the children further understand the topic of WWI.


We were very lucky to participate in an Immersion day where all the children got to experience WWI using VR headsets. It was exciting to be up-close and personal inside the trenches.


During Maths we have been working hard on our arithmetic and Year 5 enjoyed their Maths learning outside on the playground.


In our Science lessons, we have learnt about light. The children undertook lots of practical investigations to understand how light travels to our eye and about how shadows differ according to the location of a light source.


Our local Church were extremely generous to have donated the resources for every child to create their own Christingle. The children were so attentive in the Christingle assembly and carefully made their own whilst learning all about each element.


Of course we have been filling the school with Christmas cheer, the children all enjoyed making cards, calendars and decorations and we all enjoyed our Christmas parties and an afternoon in the forest toasting marshmallows! Delicious. We had an AMAZING workshop with Wildplay Ltd, where each child made their very own Christmas wreath using a willow hoop and foliage from the locality. The children were certainly dedicated to making these, they looked absolutely beautiful.


Our Artist day this half term was focused on Paul Cezanne - the children looked at his work and created landscape paintings, based on a scene from the school locality, in his style. Using the acrylic paints was challenging and the children showed perseverance skills when adopting his painting approach.


Next half term, we are looking forward to our topic 'Out of this World' where we will be learning about Space and reading some books from the Harry Potter series.


Autumn 1

This term, the Children in Years 5 and 6 have enjoyed their topic  - Poles Apart. We have learnt about the Race to the South Pole, learning about the different methods the British Team and the Norwegian Team’s used to help them on their journey. We have studied the Geography of the Antarctic and learnt about the penguins that inhabit this harsh environment.


We looked at the North Pole and the effects of Global warming on the habitat and environment of the Polar Bears and learnt about the Ice Sheet which covers the land at the North Pole.


In History we learnt lots about the Titanic – the actual disaster, the passengers on board and looked at different sources giving information about the night of the sinking.


In Science we have learnt about forces, Year 5 undertook investigations on air resistance, whilst Year 6 made streamlined boats and tested for Water Resistance. We had lots of fun doing this practical Science learning.


Our Forest School sessions have been filled with fun, from creating autumnal pictures from the beautiful changing leaves, to using the branches of the trees for making our own pulley systems.



We wrote some amazing poems on Poetry day based on the Poem “The Door.’’ The children wrote some beautiful poems filled with figurative language and we decorated them with either a door to Narnia or Ekrenwald (the world’s from our stories in Literacy).


All the children participated in the inter-School Cross County competition, running 6 laps 1600m of our School site. The perseverance they showed was incredible. What tough tortoises we have in UPKS2.


We also really enjoyed the last day of the half term when we celebrated an Amazing Artist day! This half term was Picasso. The children all learnt about his Cubism technique and drew some fabulous pictures using his style!


Next term, we look forward to our learning on WWI, the Virtual Headsets we have hired to ‘visit’ the trenches and our new stories, War Horse for Year 5 and Private Peaceful for Year 6.