Teaching and Pastoral Staff List

All the teachers and staff at Forest Academy are passionate about teaching our children in a way that captivates, involves and educates. We set the highest standards for ourselves as well as our  pupils. We want all parents to feel a part of their children's education and to develop a real relationship with the Academy and our teachers.
September 2020.
Mrs Grimes


Mrs Rourke


Miss Morley

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Gough

Deputy Headteacher

Pastoral Staff
Mrs Wright

Safeguarding and Welfare

Miss Edmeades

SENCO/Inclusion Lead

Class Teachers - Early Years and KS1
Miss Huff

Willow class

Forest School Leader

Mrs Eastell

Ash - Reception

DT Subject Lead

Miss Hopkinson

Beech - Reception

PSHE/RSE Subject Lead
Forest School Leader

Mrs Marsh

Ash Class - Reception

DT Subject Lead

Mrs Norton

Primrose - Year 1

Key Stage 1 Lead
Geography Subject Lead
History Subject Lead

Miss Vercoe

Foxglove - Year 1

R.E Subject Lead

Mrs Muscat

Snowdrop - Year 1

Miss Reeve

Hazel - Year 2

Art Subject Lead

Miss Lewis

Oak - Year 2

Forest School Leader

Mrs Santy


Music Subject Lead

Class Teachers - LKS2 and UKS2
Mrs Gough

Rowan - Year 3

LKS2 Lead
English Subject lead

Miss Rate

Elm Class - Year 3

Forest School lead Teacher

Miss Arnold

Pine - Year 4

French Subject Lead
Forest School Leader

Mrs Adams

Maple - Year 4

Computing Subject Lead

Miss Bussey

Cedar - Year 5

SMSC Subject Lead
Forest School Leader

Mrs Egan

Chestnut - Year 5

Science Subject Lead

Miss Morley

Elder - Year 6

UKS2 Lead
Maths Subject Lead

Mr Baxter

Birch - Year 6

P.E Subject Lead

Mrs Baxter


Computing Subject Lead

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