K.I.N.D Team

The school has a K.I.N.D.* team and a culture of safeguarding that facilitates effective arrangements to: identify pupils who may need early help or who are at risk of neglect, abuse, grooming or exploitation; help pupils reduce their risk of harm by securing the support they need, or referring them in a timely way to those who have the expertise to help; and manage safe recruitment and allegations about adults who may be a risk to pupils. 


K: Keeping children safe in education; Safeguarding and Welfare Officer, SDL ADL, Online Safety

I: Inclusion; SENDCo, Safeguarding and Welfare Officer, CISS

N: Nurturing; THRIVE, Young Carers, Mental Health First Aider, Forest Schools, Breakfast Club

D: Developing positive relationships with families, Safeguarding and Welfare Officer, Sharing Parenting, 

Mrs T Wright

Senior Safeguarding and Welfare Officer

I started work at Forest academy in 2000, I stayed for 10 years and then moved to a small local village school. Forest enticed me back in 2019.
I am employed as their lead safeguarding person which involves looking after the wellbeing of all staff and children. As a mum of 5 and a grandparent of 4, I know the importance of keeping children safe and happy. I also lead on attendance and am here to support all families who may have issues with getting their children to school and issues that may affect school attendance.
I am a Mental health first aider and can signpost anyone to additional support if needed.
I work part time but try to be available for a chat and sympathetic ear, biscuits always included.

Mrs S Gough

Deputy Head

As a school we endeavour to ensure the voices of all children are heard, no matter how small. Our staff are dedicated to providing high quality education, in a nurturing and inclusive environment. As deputy head, my role is to support the headteacher and I am one of the Deputy DSLs. One of my key roles as part of the K.I.N.D team is to ensure all of our children have a good understanding of online safety and what to do if they have a concern. Online safety is embedded in our Computing Curriculum, but children also have the opportunity to take part in special events throughout the year, such as Safer Internet Day. We also support our families with ever evolving technologies, signposting them to up to date information and resources which will also allow them to effectively support their child.

Mrs M Norton


I have had the pleasure of working at Forest Academy for many years now and so I have been lucky enough to teach most of our pupils in one way or another. This is enables me to be a friendly face that the children recognise around the school. My role on the K.I.N.D team is fostering positive relationships with our pupils, particularly those in KS1, and providing them with a safe space where they feel they can share their worries. I am passionate about ensuring children feel safe and happy at school and I will continue to endeavor to ensure this happens for all of our children.

Miss C Edmeades


I have been at Forest Academy for more than 10 years, working as a teacher in all years at some point! I'm probably most remembered for my time as PE Coordinator some years ago. I was supported by Forest to complete my National SENCO award in 2018 and have been working as a full time SENCO across three schools since. I am very passionate in my role, determined that all children at our school experience all that Forest Academy has to offer. I was appointed Inclusion Lead last year, to ensure that any child, regardless of any needs or disability, makes good progress or better. Having lived locally myself, I know the community we serve well and take the time to know every child by name (siblings, cousins and all when you have been here as long as I have!).

Mrs Gallagher


I joined Forest Academy in 2019 as a Teaching Assistant within the Early Years team. I pride myself on forming positive relationships with the children in order to support them to feel safe, happy and to achieve their best.

I have completed Thrive training and support children in both reception classes to build positive relationships, build their resilience and increase their self-confidence. This is achieved through play, investigation and conversations. We have recently been exploring problem solving and feelings.

I am very proud to be part of a team that supports an inclusive and nurturing environment, supporting children to learn life skills that will support them throughout their whole lives.

Mrs J Davis

Teaching Assistant

I am Mrs Davis and I am part of the Thrive team here at Forest. I have worked in both KS1 and KS2 and have 2 daughters of my own.

I am passionate about ensuring that all children at Forest Academy feel happy and safe, helping them to build confidence and the skills needed to grow and succeed.

Mrs L Kenny

SEMH Support Worker

Some people say “don’t sweat the small stuff” but I beg to differ; it’s the small stuff that often matters the most. So please do tell me your dog’s name or granny’s favourite jam. Anything at all, I love to listen and am only too happy to be invited into your world.

Whilst much of my time is spent making magic in Key Stage One, I am a familiar face along the corridors and can quite often be found perusing our fantastic selection of Forest library books.

I am incredibly passionate about inclusion and providing opportunities for growth in all aspects of childhood. Having recently joined the Thrive team, I am looking forward to offering a lunch time provision that will give pupils the opportunity to engage in activities to promote self confidence, social interactions and mindfulness.

Mrs A Grimes


As headteacher, I have an overview of all things 'KIND' in our school. I work with staff, parents and children to ensure everyone is safe.This includes being one of the DSLs and being responsible for Health and Safety. I have been a DSL for many years and it is probably the most important aspect of the headteacher's role. By being in school everyday and getting to know our children and their families, I ensure the ethos and culture of the school promotes a kind, safe environment where everyone takes responsibility for the physical and mental wellbeing of all and the academic attainment of our children. At Forest Academy everyone understands that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and we have a number of people with key responsibilities that work across the school to provide early help and additional support where needed. The acronym K.I.N.D. covers the vast range of support we provide and encompasses the strong pastoral provision we have built up over time.

Miss H Morley

Deputy Head

A sunshine 'Hello' from me - Miss Morley. I am the co-Deputy Headteacher at Forest Academy. I teach mostly in Upper Key Stage Two at School and have taught here for 8 years. My job is to support Mrs Grimes in making our School a place where every child is supported, learning is fun and education is valued; where every child feels safe and happy. I love learning and can often be found on Monster Multiplication practicing my times tables! It is my responsibility within the KIND team to support children by ensuring our MDSAs have high quality training, developing the resources we have in School and ensuring everybody is happy and cared for. When I visit the classrooms I love chatting to all the children and love collecting their ideas about how we can make our School the best it can possibly be. I am a person any child can come to if they have a worry - or if they fancy a jolly good sing-song!

Miss Z Huff

Early Years Lead

I have been teaching for almost 20 years with the majority of my experience working in Early Years. I feel it is important that all children should have a positive start to their schooling. An important part of that is also making sure that the families of these children feel confident and supported with what, as a school, we can offer their child. We want our youngest children to feel safe and happy at school so that they are able to learn all the skills that will underpin their future learning. My priorities are to lead and support the Early Years Team at Forest to be kind and nurturing to all children while supporting their families.

Mrs Hare

Teaching Assistant

I joined Forest academy in 2020 as a TA however I have worked in primary schools since 2011 in a variety of roles ; teaching assistant, support worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Currently based in Year 6 I recently trained to become a Thrive Practitioner. Thrive is a whole school approach helping support children with their social and emotional development. During afternoon session work, in both groups and one to one, I try to help children build positive relationships, improve resilience, regulate their emotions and increase self-esteem. Pupils are given the time to safely express how they feel and I am proud to be part of a school that sees the importance of this.

Mrs A Eagle


I have worked at Forest Academy for 11 years. Over time I have developed positive relationships with many children and their families. Childrens' well-being is paramount at Forest Academy and the Thrive approach is embedded throughout our school. I currently run a Thrive Breakfast Club, where children are invited into school for a soft start to the day. It is a chance for 'toast and talk' where we work together to build self-esteem and a sense of worth, sharing and talking about our worries. I believe this is a privilege and I get to know our young people on a much deeper level. I hope that my support and guidance is reassuring and together we can build a brighter future.

Mrs Wing

Teaching Assistant

I have been part of our wonderful EYFS team for 7 years. I am particularly passionate about building foundations for a safe, happy environment for your children to begin their learning journey.

I currently run Thrive sessions in nursery teaching good mental health tools to our youngest children.

Building relationships, showing love and kindness is key to growing successful little people!

Mrs Cash


I have been employed at Forest for nearly 5 years now. I have worked in a variety of roles such as a Teaching Assistant, Academic mentor, Thrive practitioner and now as a teacher. Through my journey, my passion has been to teach, coupled with supporting children in understanding their Social and Emotional needs. My responsibility on the K.I.N.D team at Forest has been a Thrive practitioner for the children. With having an insight into how the brain develops during childhood and the role our relationships with pupils can play, my goal at Forest has always been to seize new opportunities in helping children and young people build their resilience and self esteem, become more receptive to learning and for them to Thrive within our school and beyond.