Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language helps to foster curiosity and deepen understanding of the world.


Here at Forest Academy, we work hard to ensure children gain a strong understanding of the world, fostering a celebration of different cultures. We believe in providing children with the opportunity to communicate for practical purposes and learn new ways of thinking. This gives children the foundation they need to continue to learn languages and equips them with the skills to study and work in other countries.


At Forest Academy, we learn French following the Rigolo scheme of work. Children progress in their learning and build upon their prior knowledge as they move through the school. We provide children with the opportunity to use and share their foreign language skills in different ways, including during French Cafés. KS2 children have a weekly lesson with a French speaking teacher and this learning is followed up with the Classteacher to embed learning.


We use a range of strategies to assess what skills and knowledge the children have attained throughout each lesson as well as the following methods:

  • Lesson observations
  • Book looks
  • Pupil voice