Modern Foreign Languages

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.



Here at Forest Academy the intent is that all pupils will develop a genuine interest and positive curiosity about foreign languages, finding them enjoyable and stimulating. Learning a second language will also offer pupils the opportunity to explore relationships between language and identity, develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and the world around them with a better awareness of self, others and cultural differences. The intention is that they will be working towards becoming life-long language learners.



At Forest Academy, we learn French using Language Angels. Lessons are progressive across Key Stage 2 working through Early Language in year 3, moving to Intermediate lessons in year 4 and 5 before working on Progressive language lessons in summer term year 5 and year 6. Children will be taught how to listen and read longer pieces of text in French and they will have ample opportunities to speak, listen to, read and write the language with and without scaffolds, frames and varying levels of support. We also provide opportunities to use and share our French skills through events such as French Cafés. We will also introduce children to the French phonetic sounds and grammar knowledge they will need to transition into high school.



We use a range of strategies to assess what skills and knowledge the children have attained through each lesson and unit, including:

  • Book looks

  • Pupil voice

  • End of unit assessments in speaking, reading and writing

  • Collection of evidence on SeeSaw 

  • Phonic check lists in French books