EYFS Curriculum

Summer 2nd 2022 

During this half term Ash and Beech have been particularly busy with a lot of learning and a lot of achievements to celebrate ! Throughout the year the children have continued their love for reading in their phonics lessons, it makes us incredibly proud to see how far they have come this year. In Maths the children have been learning about doubling and their number bonds to ten in preparation for year 1. In Literacy the children have explored the stories ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’, where they have been persevering with their writing. It is so lovely to see all the children loving to learn. 


This half term has brought many new opportunities for our Reception children. The first being our Sharing Assembly where the children bravely stood up and re-enacted ‘The Gruffalo’. We had singing, dancing, music, narrators and ensemble speakers to bring the story to life. The children showed resilience and perseverance through the performance but also through the many rehearsals. To add to our opportunities the Reception children went on their first school trip to ‘Bressingham Train Museum’. Everyone showed exceptional behaviour, representing themselves and our school marvellously. They walked through the gardens, discussed history and rode on the steam trains. The children have also enjoyed activities week where they got to experience dance, jujitsu, Sports Day and many more class game activities. Everyone showed brilliant sportsmanship in all lessons and it was so lovely to see the children enjoying the sun. 


We are so incredibly proud of the children and grateful that we have been able to support them with their learning this year. We wish every child all the best for Year 1 !



What are we learning about this half term?