EYFS Curriculum

Spring 1 2024
Reception have been using the story ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ to inspire their topic ‘Power of imagination’. We have been learning about Chinese traditions including Chinese New Year and how they use red and gold to decorate their homes.  The children have learnt how Shen defeated the Emperor by using her imagination in her paintings.  We have then innovated our own stories choosing our own main characters and what they would paint to defeat their enemies.  In maths we have been using numbers 6, 7, 8 and looking at the different make up of these numbers.  We have grouped as pairs and explored odd and even numbers and we have also looked at doubling.   As part of NSPCC maths day Ash Class looked at how a chef uses maths in their everyday job and Beech class looked at how doctors use maths.  

What are we learning about this half term?