EYFS Curriculum

Summer 1st 2023

This half term our topic has been ‘Believe I can’.  We have been reading the story ‘Weirdo’ by Zadie Smith and Nick Laird.   We have been thinking about how the different characters have felt during the story and also what skills we have.  We wrote leaflets about ourselves and all the good things we can do.

We looked at our local area and what might be shown on a map.  We have also looked at the different habitats of some of the animals that live in the local area and what these are like. 

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 20 and beyond and how these are made up of tens and ones and how these can be represented.  We have also been ordering numbers thinking about what becomes before and after a given number.

Mr Billy came and visited us and talked about all the jobs he does around the school.   We often see him busy and lots of us like to pretend that we are Mr Billy when busy in the classroom. 

We enjoyed making crowns for our Coronation picnic and celebrating this with our friends.  We have also had our first school disco.  With a Disney theme there were plenty of Superheroes and Princesses dancing the night away. 

What are we learning about this half term?