Positive relationships and behaviour

At Forest Academy we are pleased to have been working in partnership with Lyons Hall Braintree as part of the Government's Behaviour Hub project.
Through this project we have updated our Positive Behaviour and Relationships Policy with the input of the children, staff and governors and have introduced a three part approach to our behaviour expectations: 'Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible.' 
Our positive behaviour and relationship value is 'Learning for life' because we believe that teaching children the importance of building positive relationships, reflecting on their behaviour choices and showing empathy with others are skills which will serve them throughout their lives. 
Below on our interactive Padlet you can find lots more information about our positive behaviour and relationships ethos at Forest Academy. 
"By ensuring everyone gets the time to play, we learn the importance of positive relationships and this builds trust. Play to learn and learn to play." April Grimes, Headteacher