Welcome to Forest Academy

Welcome to Forest Academy Brandon
Forest Academy is located in the centre of Brandon, Suffolk. Forest Academy is constantly striving to provide a good education and do the best we can for all the children in our care.
We want to be able to walk into any classroom, at any time, and see and hear all children enjoying their learning and progressing.


The ethos of our school reflects the values and attitudes that characterise any caring family and community. The atmosphere of the school, the quality of relationships, and the way in which the school helps to prepare our children, combine to ensure they have a fair sense of justice and the skills and attitudes to be valued citizens of the future.

At Forest Academy, we aim for our children to grow and develop in an environment where they are cared for, listened to and respected as well as being given consistent, secure and firm boundaries.


To ensure our Mission is a reality, the school has 5 clear aims which are inextricably intertwined with Physical and Mental Wellbeing and Building Learning Power:

  • Ready to learn: Children have a positive, confident attitude to learning.  They are both physically and emotionally ready to learn.
  • Resourceful: Children show initiative, asks well thought out questions and are prepared to use a variety of strategies to learn.
  • Reflective: Children are curious, able and willing to learn from their mistakes and can describe their progress
  • Resilient: Children are prepared to persevere and stay involved in their learning, even when the process is challenging.
  • Reciprocal: Children are prepared to help each other and work as a team.
The school provides wrap-around care for families through offering a range of extended services including a wide range of extra curricular clubs, Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and that it gives you a flavour of all the excellent things that take place at Forest Academy.

If you would like further information do get in touch with us. Hard copies of all documents on the website can be obtained from the school.

Mrs April Grimes (Headteacher).