LKS2 Curriculum

Summer 2nd 2023

This half term, our topic has been Splish Splash Splosh! In Science we have been learning about States of Matter and the Water Cycle. We developed our use of scientific vocabulary and set up models of this in the classroom. We also enjoyed a virtual session with Anglian Water, who explained their role in the process. In Geography, we looked at flooding and the damage that can be caused by tsunamis. We demonstrated this by creating our own examples as part of Forest Schools. We also looked carefully at water pollution and made pledges for change. In Art, we looked at paintings by Monet and the techniques he used to create his series of water lily pictures. We produced some beautiful pieces of artwork, which were displayed in our walking gallery.

We have also been very active! We enjoyed a busy, jam-packed week including sports day, a dodgeball competition, dancing, trampolining and even kick boxing! It culminated in a fantastic day at Brandon Country Park as we scaled the climbing wall, built catapults and channeled our inner Robin Hood by learning to shoot a bow and arrow. 
When we return in September, we will learning about the Stone Age. We plan to launch the topic with an immersive day, dissecting 'stone-age poo'  and using the Now Press Play headsets to transport us back in time on a hunting expedition.
What are we learning about this half term?
Cycle A
Cycle B