LKS2 Curriculum

Summer 1st 2024
This half term the Lower Key Stage 2 children have been learning about the Romans. We have had the opportunity to look at artefacts, inferring what they can tell us about life during the reign of the Empire. We compared the lives of Roman citizens to the Celts living in Britain and how their invasion changed everyday lives. We are looking forward to our visit to Colchester Castle after learning about Boudicca and her rebellion. We had a great time dressing up and re-enacting this epic battle. It was amazing! One of the books we have enjoyed reading is ‘Escape from Pompeii’. This told the story of two friends escaping the city after Mount Vesuvius had erupted. We watched a fascinating animation depicting the natural disaster and are now looking forward to our new topic ‘Angry Earth.’
What are we learning about this half term?
Cycle A
Cycle B