Pecuniary Interest Declarations

Pecuniary Interest

Declaration of Pecuniary and Business Interests 


Date of Declaration

Number declared


April Grimes

Sept 2020


Relative is employed by the academy.  The appointment was made in open competition and A Grimes was not involved in the decision making process regarding the appointment.

Relative is paid within the normal pay scale for their role and receives no special treatment as a result of their relationship to A Grimes.

Relative is a Director of Ebac Plumbing and Heating Ltd.  A company used by the Academy.

Relative is used for ICT support and paid at a competitive rate.

Relative is Director of Pre-Tec Ltd, a company used by the Academy.

Lorna Rourke

Sept 2020



Claire Goldstone

Sept 2020



Jo Wilson

Sept 2020


Employee of Unity in Diversity, a company used by the Academy.

Mary Andrew

Sept 2020



Helen Morley

Sept 2020



Paul Tams

Sept 2020


 Resigned 02/11/2020

Laura La Fond

 Sept 2020  0  Resigned 21/03/2021

Naomi Brickett

 Resigned 28/09/2020    

Phillip Richardon

Sept 2020 1 Trustee Citizens Advice Bureau, Diss, Thetford and District

Christopher Egan

June 2021 2
Mrs S Egan - Teacher (Spouse)
RAF Marham (Sports Team)