KS1 Curriculum

Summer 1st 2023 


In Year One and Two this half term, the children have loved their topic all about Toys. We were very grateful to Suffolk County Council’s Record Office, for loaning us a box of historical toys to explore for our immersion day. The children got to enjoy exploring thaumatropes, fuzzy felt, card games, dominoes, marbles and even a Nintendo! They have looked at spinning tops and created Roly Poly Toys in Design Technology. 


Alongside this, the children have been busy in Maths learning about Fractions and Time. In Year Two, the children made fantastic, colourful fraction walls to support their learning, which they displayed proudly in the classroom. The children have been using their Rekenreks to learn the important Number Bonds to ten and have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes too. 


During our Forest School sessions this half term, we have made Tee-Pees for our Teddy bears and practised tying knots around sticks to create a raft for our cuddly toys too. 


The children had fun using our new immersive headsets using the ‘Now Press Play’ software. In their adventure the children had awoken to find three strange toys from different eras; a porcelain doll, a metal car and an electric Gameboy. Their challenge was to return them to their rightful eras and owners. The children really enjoyed using the headphones and were successful in their adventure. 


Of course, we really enjoyed the Coronation Celebrations. The children all made fabulous sparkly bejewelled crowns and wore them to our special Coronation Picnic. They attended our magnificent Coronation Assembly and learnt all about the Royal Regalia and special coaches used in the Coronation event.


Next half term, we look forward to our Our United Kingdom Topic and our Visits. Year One will visit Banham Zoo and Year Two will visit Great Yarmouth's Time and Tide Museum. We also have sports days and activities week to look forward to, we can't wait!


What are we learning about this half term?
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