KS1 Curriculum

Summer 2nd 2023 


Key Stage One have enjoyed a very busy and exciting final half term. Our Topic of learning has been "Our United Kingdom" in which the children have loved learning about the states which make up the country and the seas which surround our Island.
The Year Two children enjoyed a visit to Great Yarmouth's Time and Tide Museum. The Museum documents the sea-faring History of Great Yarmouth and the children learnt about the Herring fishing and harvest which made the town grow. The children also looked at the Victorian beach huts and bathing costumes, which they found very amusing compared to our modern day attire! They then spent a glorious afternoon on the beach in the sunshine too. 
This half term's artist was the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. The children loved learning about her bright dot-painting style and re-imagined her style on different shapes. In Art this half term, the children studied LS Lowry's matchstick men and urban landscapes. The children in Year 2 learnt how to draw houses with a 3D perspective and practised their Matchstick men in many guises. 
The children loved Activities week, which included Sports Day, Archery, Team-games, kick-boxing, balance bikes, bottle rockets, inter-class games, dodgeball to name but a few. Lots of parents came to cheer on the children in their sports day races and joined in the parents race too. 
In Science this term, the children have enjoyed learning all about plants, they planted beans - which grew with varying success - created plant collages when labelling plants and learnt about all the things plants need to grow. The children enjoyed their Science learning outside, identifying plants and flowers around our School grounds too. 
Move-up day was enjoyed by all the children; they all got a chance to have a fabulously fun-filled day in their new classes. 
We look forward to September when the new School Year starts and wish all our families a fantastic holiday making memories with their children. 
What are we learning about this half term?
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