UKS2 Curriculum

UKS2 – Spring 2

Although this half term has been a short one we have definitely managed to squeeze a lot into it. Birch class enjoyed their Pizza Express visit, they found out about the different ingredients used to make pizza. Making and eating their pizza was their favourite memory of the visit. Elder are looking forward to visiting in April. 

Next year six took part in the Keir K’Nex challenge. The children were challenged with building a digger, they then had one hour and a box of K’Nex to complete the challenge. They worked incredibly well together; showing great perseverance when it came to making their designs work. The winning pair from each class then had their creation submitted into regional finals. 

The children in year six have also taken part in the ‘Tiny Plays Big Ideas’ programme run by The Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds, this is the third year we’ve been lucky enough to secure a space. Two playwrights from the theatre came in and worked with each class, showing them how to write a play and how to structure a script. We then had a fantastic afternoon at the theatre, watching a range of plays from each school. We were excited to see that they had chosen to perform Rise of the Dodos, written by our very own Josh. 

Finally year five and six have been learning how to create their very own batik artwork. They created beautiful designs using hot wax to create their borders and then batik inks to add vibrant colours. 

What are we learning about this half term?
Cycle A
Cycle B