Religious Education


Religious education at Forest Academy aims to develop children’s understanding about the world’s religions and cultures. Our aim is to provide children with engaging and unforgettable experiences in religious education. Our students will learn about the variety of religions in the world we live in to increase their awareness and understanding of different cultures and faiths.


At Forest Academy, our religious education curriculum follows the Emmanuel Project. This scheme of work provides children with a wide range of inspiring opportunities following a three step learning process of Engage, Enquire and Evaluate. Throughout their time at Forest Academy our children will explore many religions and increase their awareness of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Humanism. The children develop their understanding of religious education through lessons, visits to places of worships, guest speakers and workshops.


Religious education is monitored through a variety of methods to ensure that the children are receiving a consistent progression throughout the school. This is achieved through book looks, pupil voice and regular feedback each lesson
Knowledge Organisers
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Key Stage 1
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