Key Information

Based on guidance from Department of Education, this page details the information that academies should publish on their websites and where you will find it on the Forest Academy website.
 Information Required Where this information can be found on the website
School contact details Contact information can be found on the Contact page of the website and at the bottom of every page.
Admission Arrangements
 Information on admissions in Admissions page
Exclusion Arrangements
 Information on exclusions contained within the Behaviour Policy, available on the Policies Page 
Ofsted Reports
 A copy of the school's most recent Ofsted report is available within the Ofsted Page.
Exam and assessment reports & Performance tables
 This information will be available on the Performance Data page.
Within this page there is a link to school and college performance tables.
Behaviour Policy
 These can be accessed through the Policies Page.
Pupil Premium
This can be found on the Pupil Premium page.
PE and sport premium for primary schools
 This is available on the Sports Premium page.
Special Educational needs and disabilities (SEND) 
The SEN Report, Accessibility Statement and Plan and School Offer are all available within the SEND reports page.
Equality objectives
Our Equality Plan can be found on our Policy page
Complaints policy
 Complaints Policy is available in the Policies page.
Annual Reports and accounts
 Financial information is available on the Annual Reports & Accounts page
Governors' information and duties
The Governors Page contains this information.
Charging and remissions policies
This is available on the Policies page 
Values and ethos
Our Mission and Values are displayed on our About Us page 
Requests for copies
This can be organised through speaking to the school secretary.