Teaching and Pastoral Staff List

All the teachers and staff at Forest Academy are passionate about teaching our children in a way that captivates, involves and educates. We set the highest standards for ourselves as well as our  pupils. We want all parents to feel a part of their children's education and to develop a real relationship with the Academy and our teachers.
September 2020.
  • Mrs Grimes


  • Mrs Rourke


  • Miss Morley

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Gough

    Deputy Headteacher

Pastoral Staff
  • Mrs Wright

    Safeguarding and Welfare

  • Miss Edmeades

    SENCO/Inclusion Lead

Class Teachers - Early Years and KS1
  • Miss Huff

    Willow class

    EYFS Lead
    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs Eastell

    Ash - Reception

    DT Subject Lead

  • Miss Hopkinson

    Beech - Reception

    PSHE/RSE Subject Lead
    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs Marsh

    Ash Class - Reception

    DT Subject Lead

  • Mrs Norton

    Primrose - Year 1

    Key Stage 1 Lead
    Geography Subject Lead
    History Subject Lead

  • Miss Vercoe

    Foxglove - Year 1

    R.E Subject Lead

  • Mrs Muscat

    Snowdrop - Year 1

  • Miss Reeve

    Hazel - Year 2

    Art Subject Lead

  • Miss Lewis

    Oak - Year 2

    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs Santy


    Music Subject Lead

Class Teachers - LKS2 and UKS2
  • Mrs Gough

    Rowan - Year 3

    LKS2 Lead
    English Subject lead

  • Miss Rate

    Elm Class - Year 3

    Forest School lead Teacher

  • Miss Arnold

    Pine - Year 4

    French Subject Lead
    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs Adams

    Maple - Year 4

    Computing Subject Lead

  • Miss Bussey

    Cedar - Year 5

    SMSC Subject Lead
    Forest School Leader

  • Mrs Egan

    Chestnut - Year 5

    Science Subject Lead

  • Miss Morley

    Elder - Year 6

    UKS2 Lead
    Maths Subject Lead

  • Mr Baxter

    Birch - Year 6

    P.E Subject Lead

  • Mrs Baxter


    Computing Subject Lead